My JanMarie Naturals LLC is a Black-owned, small batch skincare and beauty company that seeks to promote self-love and wellness through handmade premium natural body products. We are committed to developing high quality products that nourish and protect your skin using ingredients you recognize.  Pamper yourself regularly with My JanMarie Natural Skincare Essentials and enjoy unforgettable scents and healthy radiant skin.

Why My JanMarie?

Skin sensitivity, along with dry skin, led me to experiment with blends of oils that soothed and moisturized my skin.  My days regularly included Benadryl to help me deal with allergic reactions to soaps, lotions and everything in between. As I worked with an allergist to pinpoint the source of my allergies, it became critically important to know what was in the products that I used. Unfortunately, you need a translator for too many products sold today. That’s why we are committed to using ingredients that our customers can recognize.  

As my mother dealt with joint pain and other issues, I also started to incorporate botanicals and essential oils to provide natural relief.  As my mother bragged about the effect of our products, friends and family began to reach out for samples as well.  Months later, My JanMarie Naturals, named after my mother and biggest supporter, was officially born.